Open Letter

resignation-1.jpgDear me,
It gets simpler.

I can picture you now, sitting on the train with headphones in, drowning out the commute by turning up the volume. There’s a letter in your bag and you feel crazy for having written it. Recite it again, every word memorised by now-

Dear Mr….

You’ve kept it close to your chest, mulling it over every day. Mental pros and cons drifting through your day.

Why do it? You are just getting comfortable in your job, paths toward manager roles opening up to you. But when has comfort in retail been a good state for the young- for anyone. Is folding jumpers and waiting tills that alluring?

You want to leave? Do it.

And then what?

Get used to that question. It comes up a lot. But they’re right, and frankly your response is a stilted mess of maybes.

Maybe I’ll write. Maybe I’ll travel.

My advice- Get used to not knowing what you are doing and make the most of it. Say yes and you can end up anywhere. It’s simple.

It all seems uphill, doesn’t it? But you like the challenge. Keep that attitude. It will pull your naive head some interesting places, meeting people you never thought existed.

New thoughts. New opportunities.

And money? It will come and go, but you get by. You always do. Fuck it. Hand the letter over and you’ll prosper.

Call the manager. Get him over, now. Ask for a word. Give him the letter.

And that feeling? Trust me. It gets better.


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